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Wireless Hoist Call systems

A Stellar Controls Ltd Easycall System is a wireless communication solution for goods/passenger hoists and lifts. Your overall service levels will be improve by decreasing response time. Since it is wireless, the system is unobtrusive to install and running costs are minimal.

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Our Easycall Systems include:

64 Way Call panel



32 Way Call Panel



Call Button


Signal Repeater



Optional protection frame



New Easycall Touch 64


Steps involved in the Easycall process

A wireless call button placed at each floor gate sends a signal to the control panel mounted in the hoist/lift, this lights up the corresponding floor number on the panel, informing the hoist driver where to go.


Once the driver has attended that floor he simply presses the lit floor button to clear the light. The call panel also lists in order which button was pressed 1st (and ignores repeated presses when received). The wireless call buttons have a range of 100metres in free air with direct line of sight. Generally on-site buildings over 20 floors usually require a signal repeater to be fitted - this will double the range again. Up to 4 repeaters can be fitted.


Many companies have benefited from Easycall Systems. The speed of installation and simple set up are highlights.

Wireless easycall systems Easycall panel