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Stellar Controls Ltd distribute the entire IDEC product range to a wide range of industries across the whole of the UK. IDEC is proud to announce the release of IDEC SmartRelay FL1F. Equipped with both convenience and high functionality, the IDEC SmartRelay FL1F simplifies wiring, adjustments, and settings of systems.


Messages can be displayed on the easy-to-see LCD display with a backlight in 3 colours (white, amber, red). Program settings can be modified on-site easily by using the LCD display and control buttons for changing parameters. For easy storing of programs and logging data, a micro SD memory card is supported.


While expandable with I/O for a maximum of 60 points and 12 units and up to 16 connections with 1:n communication, development time can be reduced with the application software WindLGC and user-defined function blocks. Remote uploading and downloading of programs through Ethernet reduces maintenance time, and on-site status can be remotely monitored through PCs, smartphones and tablets. Don’t wait, use the IDEC SmartRelay FL1F, and make your work easier.


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New IDEC SmartRelay FL1F with high performance and easy control

IDEC SmartRelay FL1F